Orca is more than just a clothing brand. It’s a youthful, attractive, energetic lifewear that unites the people wearing it, bringing forth a perspective of youth with a fighting spirit attitude. We strive for Orca to not just provide a statement for everyone across all ages and experiences, but also as a brand with bold positivity towards a better destination of urban life. With comfort, basic, and affordable products as its main value, we did a market analysis to better understand the approach to the market. We also dig the competitor landscape to further strengthen Orca’s positioning in the market.

From our research, we come to the premise that “Youth is revolting”. Revolting in ways to relate to the world, revolting in self expressions. Not just tied to one interest, the youth is fearless and they want to do it all, and Orca wants to be a part of it by providing basic fits that suit every youth. Then a campaign ideation was born. Orca for all, the beginning of a change for Orca to become friendlier and more casual for every audience. Inspired by many basic activities that spark the liveliness of youth like playing music, fulfilling work, painting, skateboarding, etc. paired with Orca looks to represent the objective: comfort, affordable basics for all. The visual reference is based on the mood for every activity with a touch of urban style.