What Is Prihal?

Prihal Group is a local agency in Indonesia with high growth every year. It was founded in 2020 and has handled more than 40 retail brands and companies. Now, Prihal Group is separated into two entities: Prihal Data and Prihal Creative, each with specific expertise in marketing and crative areas.
We are not the usual ‘outsourcing agency’ or ‘performance agency’. We position ourselves as your Chief Marketing Officer, Business Partner. We exist to simplify brand building in the age of change, offering creative business solutions, online, offline, and everything in between to increase revenue and fix bottleneck problems in all areas of your company. With our business & marketing experiences, we help companies not only win but also DOMINATE the market.
We offer integrated marketing solutions including advertising, digital and social media marketing, performance marketing, data analytics, website development, influencer marketing, sponsorships, shopper marketing, and more.

How we deliver


The digital era, we can specifically target our audience to lessen the noise.


We measure and to end data from people who view and buy goods from your website.

Real TIme

Real time data for real time problems create real time solutions.

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What We Thinking

Prihal Symposium : Talks!

Prihal Group’s Board