Who doesn’t know Wakdoyok? Men’s grooming product that has been around for years. Wakdoyok craft their products from natural ingredients to promote hair growth on facial hairs, no active ingredients that will cause irritation. It has been around to support men in their shelf-searching and it is time for them to be more assertive in promoting the brand and its product.

We see how natural products came with natural development as a method in an efficient way to learn based on people’s help people to learn something in their natural way. From our research, we pinpoint the target market and learn its demographic segmentations and psychographic segmentations. We also did interviews to know ho Wakdoyok is viewed by its audience.

The brand’s main value is about the natural process of being manly through appearance. So the activity that will be highlighted in this campaign is about the natural process of facial hair growth with safe ingredients. We made a creative guideline based on Wakdoyok’s main value on content and the campaign. Focused on being manly and bold with earhty tone to represent basic natural elements, also product ingredients in visual merchandising sets to further highlight the brand’s natural ingredients as an important aspect of the brand.

Luxurious Earthtone is the main color palette, these colors remind us with the colors of exclusive minerals on earth and green to symbolize natural ingredients.

The idea for the content we launch is to recreate informative, educative, and entertaining contents through these stages:

What can we share through showing activities? We took photos of Wakdoyok’s personification as a person while using the product in his daily life. This is to encourage the audience to follow the process. We also emphasize the brand’s presence through honest reviews from key opinion leaders. They should be able to deliver the brand’s value on how they use Wakdoyok in their daily life. This will show the audience how Wakdoyok interacts with people. The activiry that KOL shares must be entertaining in educative ways.

What can we share through tutorials? As simple as helping men to understand how to apply the product and the tips following it. Daily Tutorials and Helpful How-To Content that relate with the brand’s value is a must. The How-To content is not just about the product itself, it’s also about men’s lifestyle like grooming, cars and bikes, or sports to deliver the brand’s purpose through lifestyle educative content.

What can we share through product focus? To show the audience that Wakdoyok is an essential in everyman’s grooming lifestyle. Here we highlight the important aspects of the campaign, which are manly, natural, and healthy. The importance of natural ingredients in men’s grooming products to gain trust in a safe and comfortable product.

The campaign can begin with the introduction of Wakdoyok as a natural men’s grooming product that is safe in its process. We also show ho the brand relates with various manly values. LAKIBUTUHPROSES is the main campaign that tells the audience how men undergo a process of self-searching. To encourage men to have faith in the process, that every man is unique with all their occupations and interest, and that the process itself brings them to be a man in Wakdoyok’s eyes. This campaign has ties to the fact that Wakdoyok uses natural ingredients for their products. Once we decide the campaign, we dontinue to campaign flow and plotting. We crafted the timeline necessary to share the contents and their messages.

Kenali Tujuan Lo #LakiButuhProses :
Introductions about the brand’s values that will be brought to support any men’s interests with different goals. Wakdoyok acts as a friend in any men’s process.

Pahami Prosesnya #LakiButuhProses :
Highlights the conflict which men often face, like the difference in time relevance and the starting point in life, how the setbacks are going to be faced in the process to be a man, how this relates with the daily use of Wakdoyok’s product.

Jadi Laki Kenali Diri Karena #LakiButuhProses :
Tells how finally every talent in the campaign finds their purpose with Wakdoyok by their side through every process.

The idea is to tell the audience that classy is a choice in a 9-5 society, everyman born with their own purpose. It’s a matter of time they decide whether to embrace it or follow the crowd. Every creature was designed to serve a purpose. It’s important to learn from the process that is there to teach the way of life. The message here is clear, to encourage the audience to find their true purpose with Wakdoyok.

In this campaign, Wakdoyok believes that everything that makes a man is in how they understand their purpose, and how time is a relevant factor for everyone to start a phase differently. Appreciating the process and having faith in their goals represent the unique purpose of everyman and their different phases to be themselves.

There are men who feel bored with their daily life and lacking self confidence in their appearance. Their purpose is calling but they don’t know how or when to star. Wakdoyok’s brand plan campaign answers this yearning. We present Wakdoyok as the solution to those issues through this campaign.