Two-Wheels transportation is one of the main transportation in Indonesia. Since long ago, it hasn’t only been about getting anywhere with ease, it has become another way to showcase style. RSV Rides saw the chance and asked for out help in raising awareness about their artisan helmets, on how a helmet can be a style statement other than just providing safety to your head.
Here we pinpoint RSV Rides positioning through a thorough research, which concludes that there are 3 touch points in order to strengthen RSV Rides position in the helmet market. It has to be for everyone, for every bike, and for every ride. For everyone, to state RSV helmet is for everyone across gender and interest. For every bike, to state RSV helmet is fit for any kind of bike, from Cafe Racer to matic bike. For every ride, to state RSV helmet is perfect for any occasion, from sunmori to daily ride.

From positioning we can craft a campaign that suits RSV Rides and their objectives. But first, we have to come up with a message, something that will stay with the audience, something memorable yet simple: “Whoever you are, whatever you bike, RSV is your answer #RSVForEveryrides”.
The campaign we made covers all types of rides to break down RSV touch points as an artisan helmet for everyone and every ride. We did wordings, lookbooks, and detailed shots and dug out the visual reference suitable for the campaign. It has no feel masculine, active, daring, and upbeat to keep up with today’s lifestyle. All the effort put into the campaign is further strengthened with activations, such as product collaborations, website by helmet style preference, and challenge & mini campaign.