Sport doesn’t discriminate, everyone can do it if they want to do it. Meet Noore. Noore is a brand that specializes in modest sportswear for women, because not all women show their skin during sports. Granted the opportunity, we took care of Noore’s campaign, sarting by finding Noore’s key message. In Finding the key massage, we look at the brand’s current products and get into cycling as the main theme even though Noore supports all types of sport.
We came up with “Don’t Stop The Pedal” as the key message where it highlights that cycling is not just a trend. Your health doesn’t depend on trends, that’s why Noore will always support its audience to have a healthy lifestyle through sportswear.

But don’t get us wrong, Noore doesn’t just create cycling wear, so we don’t lose our focus on how Noore can be mixed and matched for any healthy exercise depending on the audience.

Noore’s campaign shows the audience that Noore wants to have a healthy, stylish, and environmentally friendly lifestyle. “this is not a trend, your health is not a trend, keep moving with Noore” sounds exquisite, paired with the visual reference that uses illuminated lighting to symbolize that Noore will always keep moving and be the light in the darkest time.