One of the promising cafes in Bandung, Lalune was established in 2018. They want to introduce a new menu as comfort foods without anything to feel guilty about in a campaign called Creamy Concrete. The general idea is that Creamy Concrete is a celebration of Lalune’s newest menu where creamy doesn’t mean too much fat and where concrete doesn’t mean cold. Where everyone gathered hand in hand to enjoy a moment with Lalune, the moment without fear and enjoy every lush bite of Lalune’s food.

The objectives are to gain interest, awareness, and trust through key opinion leaders as advantage points and organic reviews from Lalune’s colleagues through an intimate dinner. We also rely on the word of mouth from Lalune’s audience’s review about the food and the vibe at Lalune.

There are 3 keypoints in this campaign.
Food is the first and most intriguing thing, knowing how the food tastes and how people can trust if it was good enough for people to but it. CREAMY FOOD SPECIAL SERVE is a moment for us to introduce Lalune’s latest speciality menu. We ask people to try it and let them have their honest opinions to show them we care about their opinion because we want to introduce Lalune’s food in a humble way. Not only the food, we want to introduce the people and the process behind it.

Space that plays a significant role in making people feel comfortable. It is important to create a vibe that feels relaxing and refreshing to the audience, just enough to stimulate but not overwhelming. The place and and its hospitality are big points to score, especially during this pandemic where people want to dine in a comfortable and safe environment.

Invite people with positive influencing power because their opinion matters in order to gain trust from the audience. Not just renowned influences, we include micro influencers and food enthusiast to make it more organic. We realize it’s important to include people who have shared value with Lalune, who will elevate our Lalune’s value to another level because we believe it’s not about posting content for the sake of posting, it’s about developing relationships, trust, and engagement with the followers.