Dauky is a woman’s modest wear that strives to make the wearer feel comfortable and beautiful with their modesty. Modesty makes some women feel powerful and safe, and we want Dauky’s audience to really embody the strength in their faith. With a wide range of products, Dauky wants to create a campaign that supports women to love themselves for who they are by simply dressing the way they like, embracing their characters not to impress others.

We researched the demographic segmentation of Dauky’s audience and looked into brand references that are on par with Dauky to craft a promising campaign. The campaign’s objective is to state Dauky as the audience’s first choice in daily modest wear and to create sales growth through this campaign.

We come up with the idea that Dauky is very relatable to the point that Dauky is the audience itself, thus the campaign name is Dauky is You. Dauky is You is an integrated campaign, focused on 1 year activities to represent Dauky as a modest daily wear for every woman on every occasion while not losing their persona. Every woman’s personality is somehow reflected from the way they dress. So if you think opinions don’t matter, impressions might do. Dressing is an art of knowing how to carry ourselves during various occasions we partake in. It’s an act of paying respect to the occasion and the people around you, and Dauky is there to support women to do that.

Campaign name ideation & timeline.

Is a 1 year activity campaign focused on how we represent “You” as unique individual aspects. Embracing the value of every woman who wants to tell their difference, and bring themselves to the world with comfort.

Is the starting line for the “Dauky Is You” campaign.

Is a campaign dedicated for “Ramadhan” months, focused on how Dauky has been surviving in the ongoing pandemic, and light the fire of hopes on 2021 Ramadhan months. Dauky is here to persuade their audience to have the same energy as Dauky.

We broke down these three campaigns into a timeline and content plan that we carefully strategized so they will have an impact to Dauky’s audience, in a good way.

The visual ideation revolves around the youth and daily life. In SHOWYOURTRUECOLORS we focused on ho Dauky represent wide range of interests from its audience, from looks to activities, all skin colours and body types. In HOPESINYOU we focused the visual with dreamy lookbook and highlighted pattern, to visualize hope in the lookbook. While in YOURMEMIRABLEMOMENTS we focused on the nostalgic fun vibes of the 90s, to create value behind enchanted art pieces on Dauky’s pattern as pixel art and block art.