is a business growth partner that specializes in digital marketing and advertising.

We believe every brand is capable to do advertising with just one trustworhty partner. With the help of creative content marketing, tracking sales, and measuring ROI, things are possible.


Prihal covers almost every aspect of digital marketing and advertising. We optimize Facebook Ads and Google Ads with creative content marketing, all the way up to tracking sales and measuring ROI.

We put our concern on clarity and interesting approach in helping brands communicate their message to their audience.

We understand your data better. We measure your brand’s data as a guidance for every marketing output we’ve made. Together, we can grow.

We understand your data better.
It’s not just about placements or a bigger target audience.
We can grow together by measuring your brand’s data as a guidance.

Existing Brand Equity.
Brand mapping and interview.

help you find your true origin and purpose by digging some research along with interviews through your brand’s current value and aims.

Existing Target Market.
Previous customer list and sales channels.

We see through your past and preset data to create an efficient strategy that targets your unique audience.

Inventory & Product.
Current sales data and inventory.

Good, better, and best products have their own meaning in your sales data. It is our job to measure them as a guidance in making sales strategy.

Digital Advertising Ecosystems.

Creating Facebook & Google Advertising Infrastructure.
This is an ecosystem that helps advertisers integrate Facebook & Google marketing efforts across their business with external partners. You can use this platform to run and track your ads.

Website Data Tracking.

Google Tag Manager & Facebook Pixel.
End to end data measurement from people who view your website. In this digital era, we can specifically target our audience.

Website E-Commerce Dev/Audit.

Website infrastructure from homepage throughout purchase.
Auditing your website can determine whether it’s optimized to achieve your traffic goals or not. If things don’t go well, we will help you improve its performance. We examine your website’s page performance prior to large-scale search engine optimization (SEO) or through website redesign.

Media Buying Plan.

Advertising cost and planning to meet brand objectives.
We determine where, when , and how often we run an advertisement in order to maximize engagements and ROI with your current budger and objectives.

Contextual Content Ideations.

From campaign ideatons, content pillar to content plan.
Who doesn’t want to create a powerful and contextual message? We will help you aim for it, so your brand’s equity and marketing strategies align with all of your brand’s objectives and purposes.

Brand Plan & Marketing Strategy.

Up to 1 year agendas collaborated with brands.
From 3 months to up to 1 year, we create your brand’s plans and marketing strategies that’s specifically made for your brand’s needs to meet your very first objective.

Instagram Daily Content Productions.

Developing social media contents for brands. (Photography, videography, and design).
How do we give your audience something that stands out and picks their interest, all while adhering to character limits? Simple. We add context to every content we create.

Campaign Development and Productions.

From premises, person analysist, to campaign production.
Rest assured, we cover almost all aspects of campaign development. From creating campaign premises, to KOL strategy, to a finished campaign output.

Advertising Contents Productions.

Developing advertising content for Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads.
From engaging and commercial copy to fascinating motion that invoke urgency to the audience, we aim to create advertising content that suits your brand’s voice and its personification.

Advertising Placements.

Distribute all advertising contents through all our advertising channels.
Distribute all advertising contents through efficient advertising channels. Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube, and CPAS with digital advertising funneling are optimized to meet your brand’s objectives. We use multiple platforms to distribute our contents with all aspects of the objectives.

Campaign Launching and Ploting.

Lead brands to share their campaign effectively.
We plot your brand’s campaign. From campaign’s timeline to KOL timeline, and review all of the contents before it is shared to the audience.

Organic Content Review & Insight.

Realtime insight for brand daily content.
We are concerned with how your brand shares your daily contents. We review the contents for each day, and generate real time data for real time problems to create real time solutions.

KPI Tracking Weekly.

From nett sales, ads spends, cost per-revenue to ROAS.
We use our KPI Tracking to review end to end data that can be measured from people who view and buy your products through your website.

Monthly Reports.

Monthly insight and data.
We generate your brand’s monthly marketing report to showcase the results of our marketing strategies and campaigns.

Industry Insights.

Any kind of insight from digital platform we used.
As an agency partner from Facebook and Google, we provide industry insights like new features and new products from our partners for your brand.

How We Works

Infrastructure Audit & Implementation.

FB & Instagram Business Manager,
FB Pixel,
Google Ads,
Google Tag Manager,
Google Analytics.

Brand Mapping Interview.

Existing Brand Equity & Positioning,
Existing Target Market,
Social Media CHannel,
Inventory & Product.

Placement Ads.

Google ADS,
Tik Tok ADS,
Twitter ADS,

Social Media Activation.

Content Pillar Development,
Big Campaign Ideation,
Marketing Strategy,
Content Plan Monthly.

What Our Clients say

100% recommended untuk UMKM yang ingin pivot merubah revenue stream through digital ecosystem.

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